Meet the team

Vondels Team

Hello Christmas lovers!

Our story is something of a journey with a common destination - Amsterdam! It was here that Yan and Loesje met and formed Vondels in 2015.

Yan, previously based in Shanghai, China, began her career in IT. With a passion for business, she established her first Christmas company in 2003. Her inherent work ethic and understanding of both Chinese and European cultures, means she knows how to set a goal and make it happen!    

Loesje started out in Brabant, Holland before heading North to the international city of Amsterdam. She spent the first part of her career travelling the world as a buyer for a large department store. Her passion and eye for design across fashion, home & living and accessories was paramount. It was whilst sourcing Christmas decorations that the pair met.

Today Vondels prides itself on its quirky, contemporary and unique Christmas ornaments. An ideal gift, or simply a treat for your own tree, Vondels captivates that Christmas magic and has something for everyone.

We hope our ornaments add a little extra shine to your Christmas, making it all the more merry!

Happy Christmas and Happy Shopping!

Yan and Loesje